Description of product

The Scent That Helps Them Focus On You!

Attract romance with this manly, modern, and magnetic cologne!

Yes, make it all about you –– silently, stealthily, and in such good taste! Pheromones give you the edge you need to be yourself, to be more romantic.

  • Romantic Pheromone Cologne
  • Proprietary blend includes pheromone sexual attractant
  • You get two 8ml (.27 fl. oz.) cartridges + sprayer
  • Cologne created in France

An exotic blend of beachy lemongrass, fresh mint, and sandalwood. Undertones of fresh picked herbs, milky vanilla, and warm musk to trigger her senses and drive her wild.

Romantic Pheromone Cologne is specially formulated for moments when you could use an extra touch of romance and attraction. Why not, right?

Romantic Pheromone Cologne can help you achieve your desires!

Just twist the body of the atomizer and the sprayer pops up. Apply 1-2 sprays below the neckline where your sweat glands are.

To change cartridge, when the sprayer is in its pop-up mode, gently pull it out of the atomizer and you'll see how the cartridge sits inside.

Romantic Pheromone Cologne is recommended for gentlemen ready to stack some cards in their favor! This romantic scent can help set the mood of your next encounter.


(INCI) Ethanol, Fragrance, Aqua, Propane-1, 2-diol, Castor Oil, Androstenol, Edetic Acid

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