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Women: Amplify Your Attractiveness With Pheromones!

Designed to attract the opposite sex and boost your confidence!

Made in the USA!

Awaken the wildest male animal instincts! Formulated with attractant pheromones, Pure Instinct Perfume For Her blends with your body’s natural chemistry to boost your attraction potential to its maximum. Its lightly fruity and floral scent blends bergamot, tangerine, and vanilla into a scent you’ll both find intoxicating.

  • Pheromone perfume for women
  • Formulated with pheromones to attract men and increase your sex appeal
  • Blends with your body’s natural pH to create a uniquely attractive scent
  • Infused with floral and fruit notes including bergamot, tangerine, vanilla
  • Enhances & augments your natural pheromone production
  • Apply to pulse points, day or night
  • In designer .5 fl. oz bottle
  • Made in the USA

Whether you’re on the hunt for Mr. Right or want to rekindle the flames of desire in your current relationship, one little spray of Pure Instinct is guaranteed to amplify your natural attraction potential. This gorgeous perfume smells so good, you’ll love wearing it – and he’ll love leaning in closer. Its pheromones blend with your body’s chemistry to create a scent profile that’s uniquely your own and utterly irresistible to men.

What’s the right time to wear Pure Instinct? Any time. Enjoy enhanced sex appeal during a steamy date night or while running errands or at work. Pure Instinct Perfume For Her comes in a discreet designer glass bottle that doesn’t mention what’s inside. Nobody will ever know why you’re suddenly getting so much attention – except you.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Parfum), Water (Eau/Aqua), Reconstituted Andronone, Copulandrone and Copuline-alike (parfum).

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