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You've Never Played A Romantic Game Quite Like This.

Gender-Neutral, So Any Couple Can Play And Reap The Rewards – Together!

Winner of the 2019 XBIZ Adult Game/Novelty of the Year Award!

Are you ready to achieve enlightenment by playing the Mind, Body & Soul Game For Any Couple? It's easy! Just answer the questions as you both move your game tokens around the board. Whoever aligns their 7 chakras first wins! The prize? The winner gets an intimate reward to align their sacral and heart chakras. This can get wild...

Why Play "Mind, Body & Soul Game For Any Couple?"

Why not? Take time away from your busy schedules to focus on you and your lover. This game is designed to reveal yourselves to each other – with your own words, your own experience, history and stories. So put the world on pause, set the phone down, and play this game to energize your relationship.

What's A Chakra?

The term is familiar to students of yoga. Your chakra is a subtle form of energy within your body. In Sanskrit it means "wheel" and each of us has 7 different chakras spinning inside our being. Pretty cool, right? There's an energy center chakra for every aspect of your life, from knowledge to health to sexuality and more. Find out what happens when you tap into all that energy –– together!

How Do I Play?

As you move around the game board, you and your partner ask each other questions designed to open up your chakras. There are 20 questions per card and two sets of cards per the seven chakras for a total of 140 chakra healing questions each. Light some candles, pour a beverage, and enter the Mind, Body & Soul Game as a couple.

How Do I Win?

You win by aligning all 7 of your chakras first –– and your partner provides an intimate reward to align your sacral and heart chakras. This reward can be as sensual and/or romantic as you desire...a win-win for both of you!

All the questions and answers are gender neutral, so this game works for ANY couple.

Game Includes:

A game board, 14 chakra cards, 14 chakra coins, 2 game markers, a die to roll, and game rules –– all inside a nice, sturdy (8" x 7" x 1.5") box. Great for gifting, cheaper than going out to a movie!


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Plastic, Paper