Description of product

This Bigger Condom For Bigger Men Offers More Sensitivity, Too!


You're looking at the largest condom available in the U.S. ­


 As this is such a big condom, let's go to the stats for some context:


Average-sized condoms are about 190mm long, 54mm wide.


The Mega Big Boy XL Condom is 200mm long, 57-59mm wide, with extra room at the head –– a flared head that's 75mm wide.


And the Mega Big Boy XL Condom is made from a super thin, odorless latex developed in Japan called Sheerlon® Technology. Men who need larger-than-average condoms will find a better fit, plus an exceptional sensitivity without compromising strength or safety.


  • Mega Big Boy XL Condoms
  • 12 extra wide, extra long condoms in each box
  • Ultra-thin Sheerlon latex for more sensitivity
  • Flared head for better feel
  • Pre-lubricated for easier use and application
  • Odor-free
  • Developed in Japan
  • Each condom is hermetically sealed in a foil pouch


And if you're in the habit of using condoms on your sex toys, this may be a good one to try out for your bigger toys.


If you're a big guy –– or you know one –– then get a condom you'll enjoy using!

12 Count