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Feel Everything With These Super-Thin Condoms!

You’ll never need to sacrifice pleasure for protection again with a dozen of these condoms! 

Kimono Special Condoms (12-pack) are some of the thinnest condoms ever made – allowing you to fully embrace your partner. You can feel their body heat and their innermost curves like never before, helping both of you grow closer together. It’s not quite skin on skin, but it’s the absolute next best thing!

The condoms are amazingly effective as well. They’re tested five times for strength and reliability, more than any other condom brand. While they’re not 100% effective at preventing pregnancy or stopping the transmission of STDs, they do reduce your risks greatly.   

Each order includes 12 Kimono Special Condoms. The condoms are made from premium natural latex and come pre-lubed with high-grade silicone, making them vegan-friendly. The condoms and lube do not contain any nitrosamines, parabens and glycerin. Do not use with sex toys made from silicone.

12 Count