Description of product

About the product
  • ♐ Natural and water based Lubricant will bring you a comfortable and wonderful feeling.
  • ♐ ACVIOO Personal Lube is Skin-friendly and Long-lasting, it has passed FDA certification.
  • ♐ Paraben Free, No harsh chemicals added, also no smell.
  • ♐ Perfect for condoms or rubber toys, easy to clean and never stain.
  • ♐ Capacity: 400ML (14 Oz),90 days no hassle money back guarantee.

The New Brand You Can Trust


ACVIOO brand was launched in 2016, committed to making a difference in personal health. Since ACVIOO lubricants on sale, it have been loved by many customers.High quality and sincere service is our belief!

Why do you choose ACVIOO lubricant?

ACVIOO water-based lubricant is made from natural materials,free of paraben,no weird chemical smell. It is very lubricate and moisturize,long-lasting,super slick,easy to clean after use.Our water based sex lube is safe with all rubber toys,latex condoms & polyisprene condoms.

ACVIOO water-based lubricants are mainly used for sexual life lubrication,aiming at pleasing modern women and your partner liberating sexual experience. You can use it to enjoy your sex activity. It becomes an indispensable companion for everyone who deserving the best pleasure.